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10 Years Warranty Time
Excellent quality, product ten years warranty

Six - dimensional shelf system design and production of high standards, so that the product can reach ten years of quality assurance, which is currently the industry's longest warranty period.

Our commitment is life!

As many as 15 years of production experience, the promise of the ten year history of the promise of the product warranty period.

This means that the six dimension has become a leader in the storage shelves industry.

We are here: choose the six dimension - shelf life!

Welcome to choose the history of the United States and the United States Library shelf!

Our clients include DHL, ADIDAS,, GE,, L'OREAL, and UPS, using the pallet rack system. These are just a small part of our products to our customers, our warehouse equipment to customers' management has played a more positive role. If you have any needs or questions regarding our products or services, please call 400-997-9161 today, to confirm that the six dimension can provide you with any kind of service.

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