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Development Process

Δ Founded in1997, one of the earliest professional equipment manufacturers in the fieldof racking.

Δ  Began toexport in 2001,best-selling on board.

Δ  In 2003, NOVAbecame top racking production enterprises

Δ  In 2004, NOVAhas involved the field of logistics automation, became the first single fromthe racking factory 

Δ  transformation into automation logistics system integratorsenterprises.

Δ  In 2005, NOVAhas the successful construction of the largest single Automation WarehouseProject in Asia - Dalian Alice       Project

Δ  In 2011, the"NOVA Logistics" is assessed as "China Famous Brand" bySAIC Trademark Office in China.

Δ  In 2011,NOVAwas elected Deputy Secretary General of the national logistics warehousingEquipment Standardization 

Δ  Technical Committee unit, responsible for thedrafting of logistics national standards items.

Δ  In 2013, NOVAundertook s the largest integrated logistics distribution center projects -JD “Asia one" project.

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