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NOVA attachedgreat importance to technological innovation since it was established ,on thebasis of introducing and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced logisticstechnology, continuing to improve and develop new products, has maintained atechnology leading position in racking field.

The highestgoal of NOVA is to be the China’sfirst, world-class logistics system integrators, which is the first successfultransformation of automatic logistics system

in domesticracking enterprise, fully committed to research and develop of automaticlogistics system, planning, design, manufacture, installation, commissioningand consulting services. In early 2005, NOVA has undertook a project- Dalian Ailisi'ouyamaautomated warehouse system , which is the largest amount of warehouse storageand the system has been stable in operation for 10 years.

NOVA hasautomated warehouse template warehouse in Nanjing, which used to test theautomatic warehouse system WCS and the WMS, it’s also be a display and use; Wealso have racking comprehensive testing centre to test the loading of pallet,strength and surface quality, but also can make exact make stability andseismic capacity analysis with finite element method.

NOVA hasNanjing Municipal Technical Research and development center(also called NanjingIntelligent Logistics Technology Exhibition Center, the first domesticlogistics technology exhibition center) with more than 100 R&D personneland engineering design personnel, covers mechanical, electrical ,software, etc.with strong logistics system engineering research and development, design andimplementation capacity.

After 10years of development, NOVA has 70 national patents and computer software of racking,stacking machine, conveyors, shuttle cars, warehouse control and management.,which formed the undisputed leading advantage.

At the same time, NOVA gave full play totheir own research and development capabilities, and also joint research anddevelopment with University College of Nanjing University, Southeast University,Transportation University, Shanxi University of science and technologyand so on. The advantage is complementary, and achieved fruitful results.Technology research and development has no ending, NOVA’s vitality andcompetitive advantage is the advanced technology, we will go ahead as always.

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