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NOVA Culture

The Chinese Name of NOVA means nova. It represents a rapidly rising star. "SIX"represents six degrees of freedom in the space, "dimension"represents the development of the logistics industry and the spatial dimensionspace; the brand of NOVA is a cube with six sides, it means that we are willingto provide high quality products and services to enhance the utilization rateof the space and benefits for all walks of life.


NOVA has anenviable talent advantage, because it keeps a talent concept for"people-oriented, respect for talent, cultivate talent, create a goodatmosphere, build first-class team", with good talent opportunities andmechanism, the vitality of NOVA has been synonymous with the six dimension.

Definition:the rapid development of high-tech enterprises

Aim:enterprise originates from society, service back to the society

Philosophy: unity;diligent and innovation

Enterprise spirit: equal; respect; honesty anddedication

Core values:beyond the expectations, leading technology, team spirit and be enterprising

DevelopmentIdeal: market oriented, technology as the pioneer, team as the core and qualityas guarantee

QualityPolicy: Planning storage space, exceeding clients’ expectation

Vision: To beTop 1 in China,the world-class logistics integrator

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