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Six warehouse shelves are sought after by people

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Six dimensional warehouse shelves now is the new darling of the logistics industry, the shelf industry hot also increased the competition between the warehouse shelf factory, why warehouse shelves will so popular? Today, the increasing warehouse shelf factory, profit margin is getting smaller and smaller, but warehouse shelf factory or increased, indicating that demand continues to increase, below is a list of six dimensional warehouse shelves manufacturers for everyone to share warehouse shelves popular five reasons and characteristics:
Heavy shelf
1, wide scope of application, which is the warehouse shelves is widely popularized, warehouse shelves to the warehouse storage of goods is not required, basically all the goods can stored in the warehouse shelves.
2, height is not limited. Warehouse shelves height can be very selective, the minimum can be to 1.5m, the maximum can reach 30m, this is because caused by limitations of warehouse space and each layer of space is adjustable, very convenient.
3, bearing capacity. Warehouse shelves, also known as heavy shelves because of its strong bearing capacity. This is its biggest advantage, heavy shelves it has several layers. Every time two unit can put the goods and the loading capacity of the each unit can achieve 2000kg, this is two tons of weight, heavy shelves every time can reach four tons of load-bearing capacity, buy a heavy-duty shelves bearing capacity will be more.
4, storage and easy selection. The arrangement of the six dimensional warehouse shelves is clear, when the storage of goods can be the forklift direct travel to to deposit on the shelves before, whether stock or take the goods are very convenient and in the selection of goods in the, be clear at a glance can see all of the goods
5, easy to install. Six dimensional warehouse shelf, unlike other shelves are connected by a screw or welding, it is by combined, through the special design, once again, the inserting type combination, very convenient disassembly.
The characteristics of the six dimensional warehouse shelves are as follows:
1, the six dimensional warehouse shelf is a frame structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization rate, enlarge storage capacity.
2, into the six dimensional warehouse shelves of goods, not to squeeze, material loss is small, can complete the function of the material itself, reduce the loss of goods.
3, the goods in the shelf, easy to access, easy to count and measure, can be done first out.
4, to ensure the quality of storage goods, can take measures to prevent moisture, dust, theft, damage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.
5. The structure and function of a lot of new shelves can help to realize the mechanization and automation management of the warehouse.

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