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What are the factors that determine the quality of the warehouse shelves?

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Six dimensional warehouse shelves common in large enterprises in the warehouse, and most of the replacement and maintenance up more trouble, dimension, the enterprise in the purchase of six dimensional warehouse shelf, often to the quality and the service life of the six dimensional warehouse shelf is put in the first place. So, the quality of the six dimensional warehouse shelves are determined by what factors?
1, the size and material of the shelf. The amount of material required for different sizes of the six - dimensional warehouse shelves is different, like a double is always more expensive than a single person. Different material shelf bearing capacity and cost is not the same, better than the bearing capacity of the ordinary steel material, but the cost is high, and the bearing capacity of the wood poor, but the price is cheaper.
2, the price war, some manufacturers in order to develop, to take the price war, the price reduction is to attract customers, but manufacturers want to survive without sufficient funds, the enterprise can not work properly. Price war is a losing strategy, vicious circle want to raise prices more difficult. In order to survive, many enterprises to take the risk, take advantage of the cheap, poor quality of materials produced shelf, or the use of excessive harmful paint for shelf color.
3, to choose six dimensional warehouse shelves according to the efficiency of storage of the goods and frequency. For example: if the access efficiency of the warehouse is relatively high, it is not suitable for narrow shelves, because this type of shelves will increase the intangible costs used, and shelf life is not long.
More shelf information, as in the six dimensional warehouse shelves.

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