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What factors determine the price of the warehouse shelves?

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The development of warehouse shelves that countries in the development, due to the development of the times, appear more and more factories, so need to warehouse shelves also can for the needs of the people, and warehouse shelf price has become the a hurdle to their hearts, now to analysis decision Jiangsu shelf price is determined by what factors:
One is according to the structure of the shelf: shelf production materials are not the same, cost is not the same. It is mainly from the three aspects of the column, beam and plate of view, this is also decided to shelves because costs.
Two is based on the size of the shelf: this depends on how the customer to request, but the custom is certainly more expensive than some of the. The size is about the materials used will be more and more, so the cost is more.
Three is based on the shelf load requirements: the load is very important, but the shelves it itself must have a high quality material to ensure the load, and the price is the basis of this.

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