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The Chinese version of the "industrial 4" blueprint for the industrial power in 2045

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When the Americans began the "third industrial revolution", the Germans launched "industrial 4.0" strategy, with China as a major manufacturing country, also announced, through three programme of action for the decade, and strive to in about 2045 became an industrial powerhouse.
The implementation of China's manufacturing 2025 will become the first step of China's manufacturing industry from power to power. 20 years ago, China accounted for less than 3% of the world's manufacturing output, and now the share of nearly 1/4. Nearly 80% of the world's air conditioning, 70% of the mobile phone and 60% of the footwear are made in china". Although China's manufacturing development to today's labor rises and many other challenges, but the manufacturing sector is still very important for the future development of china.
"Made in China 2025" plan, China's blueprint for the development of industrial power:
- traditional industries to accelerate the transformation and upgrading.
Promote industrialization and the depth of information integration, development and utilization of network, digital, intelligent and other technologies, focus on some key areas to seize the initiative, to achieve a breakthrough.
Come on stage to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry three years action plan, efforts to break the industrial robots, rail transportation equipment, high-end ship and marine engineering equipment, new energy vehicles, modern agricultural machinery, high-end medical equipment and medicines key areas of core technology, promoting the industrialization.
- new industry will become the leading industry.
Combination of high-end equipment, network information, integrated circuits, new energy, new materials, bio medicine, aero engine and gas turbine projects. Firstly put forward that the formulation of the "Internet +" action plan; first "Internet industry" concept, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computation, data, and other things with modern manufacturing industries.
- enhancing service support.
The government work report made it clear that the development of tourism, health, pension, creative design and other life and production services. Support the development of high-end service industry, including industrial design, financing and leasing of producer services; design and development, system integration, intellectual property, inspection and other high technology service industry, promote the integration development of service industry and manufacturing industry.
-- deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy.
The state established 40000000000 yuan of new venture capital investment guide fund. 2015 R & D expenditure and GDP ratio is expected to reach 2.2%.
Actively promote all kinds of science and technology plan optimization and integration; the establishment of major national research infrastructure and a large scientific instruments to open society after the subsidy mechanism, promote open sharing of scientific and technological resources; to accelerate the implementation of major national science and technology projects; increase product innovation in government procurement efforts.
China made 2025 "and Germany" industry 4 "have a lot of similarities, there are also different. According to understanding, the German industrial 4.0 takes about 8-10 years, and "made in China 2025 generally in the same time period, and from the content, German industrial 4.0 and China earlier proposed depth of industrialization and information fusion are similar.
For different, the main development stages and industrial level of China and Germany are not at the starting line. "Germany's overall development from 3 to 4 stages, our industrial enterprises may also have to make up for the development of 3 to 2, and then to the 4 development." China wants to combine international and industrial practice, the path of development is good, take a better and faster development path.

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