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Methods for maintenance of medium shelf

Date:2015-07-10    【size:Big Middle Small
Because of its special nature, heavy shelves, not only in peacetime use to pay attention to, a year also have at least 1-2 times of artificial care. The following introduction of several simple maintenance of small knowledge, I hope useful for all of us.
1: in the use of the time, as far as possible to put the weight of the goods on the shelf, the goods on the shelves of the above, in order to be too heavy shelf phenomenon. Usually also according to the shelf life of the range of goods, each layer of the goods can not exceed the load range of the shelf itself.
Two: when the goods to the warehouse to push the time, do not have to touch the shelf, so as to avoid deformation. Gently hold the goods in the shelf. In particular, to pay attention to the point is that the use of the end of the shelf as a relatively stable.
Three: shelf life once more than a certain height, it is to have a special loading and unloading equipment. So it is necessary to make the passage area, to support the delivery of the goods shipped. Heavy shelf can be suitable for all kinds of goods storage, can also be in accordance with the size of the goods, size to adjust the height of the shelf, but do not always adjust, so as to avoid screw loose. More warehouse shelf information, please pay attention to the six dimensional logistics in Jiangsu.

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