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Warehouse, distribution center, logistics center of the distinction, you will be?

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Warehouse is the place of the storage and maintenance of goods. In the past, store items in the warehouse time often long or very long, variety of goods is little, so the main responsibility of Coulomb can Bao Kan good items and maintenance items. But modern warehouse, the goods in the warehouse storage time, tend to be shorter or very short, to reduce the backlog of funds; variety of goods also increased greatly, namely item picking volume, velocity and distribution of number have increased in geometric series. From quantitative to qualitative change, changes the name as part of the warehouse distribution center and logistics center.
In recent years, the community many original warehousing enterprises, transport enterprises, even small shipping enterprises, bottled water to send milk enterprises were flop renamed logistics center and distribution center. This phenomenon, by itself, to no principle is wrong and should not be, but searching for logistics customer inconvenience, in academic exchanges with Lei some inconvenience.
Definition is very difficult, in the future by the experts and scholars to study. Here I would like to make a simple distinction to them: Coulomb's custody and maintenance of places of the items collectively; distribution center is stored numerous items, and will save the shorter period of many goods delivery to many retail stores (such as stores, even pin shops, supermarkets, etc.) or end users, and logistics center is stored numerous items, and is stored in a slightly longer period of numerous items delivered to the site of the distribution center.
Distribution center is characterized in that: the position in the logistics and the downstream; general store items more varieties, storage cycle short; for the retail shop or the final customer does not set the treasury or less library and not the team set up, with strong multi client and multi species, multi frequency small amounts of picking and feeding function. Because many customers, in order to achieve a variety of transportation, Paul Kan scale, standardization, cost savings. Distribution center generally uses the "door to door" of the car transport, its operating range is small (300 ~ 20 km), for the local area of the end customer service.
Sometimes the distribution center and distribution processing business, such as steel length processing, food by the large transport packaging changed to small retail packaging, feed by a single change feed compound feed and service extension and the value. Warehouse community believe that the characteristics of logistics center is: position in the logistics and the middle, manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers in the middle section, usually from the manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution center is far, in order to make the transportation economy by high capacity car or railway transportation and little batch lots of storage mode.
Need to explain, warehouse and logistics center, distribution in the heart is proprietary or on behalf of customers for the storage and transportation of goods in place, also can be said to be past the ministries and all levels of storage and transportation company, to absolute area is difficult, sometimes their business has obvious cross; the so-called multi client and multi species, multi frequency of a few chosen or high capacity car or railway transportation and little batch lots of storage mode, is relative. Warehouse has gradually been logistics center and distribution center is replaced, in addition to the seasonal production significantly reserve grain depot, cotton, fruit warehouse, cold Zhi seafood library and munitions stockpiles, still in custody and maintenance.
Because the three have the functions of keeping and maintaining the goods and other similar functions, but the extent and strength of the difference, in addition, logistics center and distribution center is developed by the warehouse, derived from. Therefore, sometimes we say that the warehouse, but also including logistics center and distribution center, is the three of the general.

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