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What kind of logistics business enterprise in the end?

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Electronic business logistics of essence is enterprise service consumer model of reform and social commerce and trade circulation and consumption system change, namely of the traditional logistics system, circulation system and settlement system surmounting and change is emerging logistics technology, Internet technology and the IT system modification of the switching of the new base system.
In international, large-scale transnational business has formed a relatively mature business logistics mode: to eBay representatives of most of the electricity supplier take to logistics outsourcing model; Amazon using mixed mode: that is, self built large body of logistics center in order to control the upstream link, also outsourcing and distribution sectors; electricity supplier self logistics mode is not common.
The process of introducing these mature models to China is not always smooth, the problem is mainly reflected in the:
The overall size of the domestic electricity suppliers industry is larger, but the smaller size and the size of the order of the unit, and the problem of fragmentation is outstanding;
II the third party logistics company focused enough, even larger "one of four", its operation outsourcing and joined the way is also very common, resulting in logistics enterprise to reduce the concentration of, scale advantages to reflect;
The regional division of the domestic logistics market is more serious, the market of mergers and acquisitions difficult;
The different regions of the logistics infrastructure and information level are different, the difficulty of coordination.
The development of China's electricity suppliers logistics can not simply copy the mature model of developed countries, the need to address the above problems and to adjust and innovate, the main mode of:
Vertical integration model, also known as self or self logistic model, is in more money and manpower into the logistics business enterprise, themselves from the logistics center to transport to distribution team overall logistics system construction mode, thereby grasp control of the supply chain, improve logistics efficiency, improve the quality of customer service.
The second half of the model, also known as the hybrid model, is the electricity suppliers self logistics and outsourcing third party logistics cooperation to build a model.
All the outsourcing model, also known as the third party logistics outsourcing model, is business enterprise concentrate on its core business flow of commerce development, the logistics business outsourcing to third party logistics company, also through the information system and the third party logistics enterprises docking to achieve the mode of the management and control of logistics distribution pipe.
4 common distribution pattern, also known as build alliance distribution mode, is the business enterprise to mutual benefit as the principle, sharing mode of logistics resources. General is two or more than two business enterprise realize their distribution and long-term joint and cooperative mode, namely enterprise joint distribution, orders reached a certain scale, reduce distribution costs, overcome the problem of high cost.
Logistics alliance mode, adopting their own information, management or platform edge to the business enterprise, joint manufacturing industry, sales of the company and third party logistics company as a member of the alliance or cooperation, on the basis of logistics outsourcing, different link, regional, commodity, the business logistics network integration, making use of the advantage of business information platform, the logistics aspects of control.
From the point of view of the business enterprise scale and stage of development, small and medium business enterprise in the early stages of development, can select third-party logistics companies to cooperate, take advantage of its resources to carry out distribution business or take joint distribution mode, complete the region or wide area distribution business, large business enterprise can according to the volume of business and business types, rational selection of various types of integration model and integration model; large platform for business in the excellent information and data management capabilities based on can choose logistics alliance mode.
From the perspective of the business enterprise business model, platform type electric business product category enriched, customers have a high frequency of purchase, to meet the consumers one-stop shopping needs, in terms of user stickiness have inherent advantages, self integration or semi integration model is more suitable for; but the vertical type business enterprise is just the opposite, the main business model itself is required to logistics outsourcing, but conditions limit the self run logistics need to improve the customer experience, there is a contradiction, so the operational difficulties.

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