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The use of heavy warehouse shelves need to pay attention to the matter

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Today is a small series for you to talk about the use of heavy warehouse shelves and the use of methods and precautions:
1, warehouse shelves used to prevent top-heavy: should be put on the bottom of high light, heavy principle.
2, the use of heavy warehouse shelves to prevent overload: goods stored in each layer should not exceed the maximum load carrying capacity.
Use of 3, heavy warehousing shelves to prevent super wide: shelf storey high, wide have been restricted, the size of the clamping plate and the goods should be slightly less than the net space 100mm.
4, warehouse shelves to use anti collision: forklift during operation, should be handled with care.
5, heavy warehouse shelves use to put the goods at the top of the shelf, the operator should not directly into the bottom of the shelf.
6, warehouse shelves used to prevent the use of standard platform board (board) on the shelf, Sichuan word at the end of the most suitable. In the use of "> heavy warehouse shelves, when the goods are more than eight meters high, a special note is that it needs to have the corresponding loading and unloading machinery. Because the required channel area is large, the storage density is smaller than other systems.
Heavy warehouse shelves height, with in various types of forklift, stacker, heavy warehousing shelves can achieve a variety of tray for quick access, unit prices of goods is up to 2000kg, is the industry the most commonly used storage. Each pallet can be stored separately or moved without moving the other tray. Can adapt to various types of shelves. Heavy warehouse shelves can adjust the height of the beam according to the requirements of the size of the goods. Cargo flow is large, loading and unloading quickly. The equipment is simple and the cost is lowest, and can be installed and loaded quickly. I hope that today's use of knowledge can give you some benefits.

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