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Characteristics and production technology of NOVA Racking

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The characteristics and productionprocess of Jiangsulight duty racking:


The top of NOVA light racking and the bottomof steel shelving connected with frame using corner with bolts; stable andsafe, the middle shelving is used with special bolt plate connection, simpleand convenient, and can be adjusted.

NOVA racking with shot blast derusting,degreasing, electrostatic powder pallet processing, is according to customerspecified color spray. Have advantages of color appearance, not easy oxidation,easy to clean, etc.

With the appearance of beauty, easy toassemble, steel shelving with 55mm can be adjusted. The multiple light shelvescan be connected, frame and shelving processed into semi-finished products, andthen we can go on the last step-painting. After all processes finished, it canbe packaged to delivery.

Lightracking is ideal substitute which replaced on simple wooden shelves with weldingangle in original corporate. Products is with low cost, safe and reliable,assembly and disassembly is simple, also can be used alone.

At the same time, we can design andmanufacture racking according to actual storage space. Punching and then cuttingoff according to the customer specified height.

The steel shelving is made of highquality cold plate (SPCC) by opening plate, slitting bending forming andwelding.

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