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Drive in Shuttle racking

Shuttle racking


Drive in shuttleracking is evolution from drive in racking system, but forklift can’t driveinside, and overcoming the disadvantage of accessing speed and the poorstability of racking, to realize the access of the remote automation. Theexternal pallet by truck transport and the internal pallet cargo access by theshuttle car is that inventory is by forklift to lift the pallet on the front ofguide rail on rackingthrough the wireless controls the shuttle car to carry thepallets into the depth. When taking the goods, you need control the shuttle carto move the goods in depth to the front of guide rail, then forklift pick thegoods on the ground.

The characteristicsof such racking system has high space utilization rate, stable and reliable. Itcan achieve semi automation and application in large quantities with lessvariety of goods storage, such as food, beverage, refrigeration and otherindustries. Shuttle car can choose NOVA Brand or import shuttle car. Theconnection of racking parts can by car and main car, the outside can also uselift or stacking machine, and then constructed a higher degree of automation ofhigh density storage system.The frame if racking is an assembly structure,which is composed of horizontal bracing, oblique bracing and upright withstrong bolt to install it.

Frame connectedwith ground with high strength bolt, and the ground panel connect with groundbolt on the ground. Beam and frame connected with four claws and matched withsafety pin, it can prevent beams falling effectively because of forkliftoperator’s error.

Bracket is wholestamping bracket. It connected with frame by plug way and matched with safetypin. Guide rail is punching and bending mold, and welding with bracket so thatthe position connecting of guide rail and have better loading.

The guide rail bycontinuous punching and special rolling machine for rolling and forming adifferent "Z" type with high precision, section modulus, betterrigidity and strong bearing capacity. Connecting with guide rail panel and setsafety panel for both side to avoid shuttle car out of position. Between theadjacent direction of the frame supported with row spacer to improve the wholeloading capacity and stability of the racking; the whole racking system will bevery stable.

The Shuttle Car characteristicsof NOVA

1. Bracket is oncestamping type. It can solve the shuttle plate deviation completely afterlong-term using, which can greatly improves the balanced bearing capability offrame.

2. A uniquestructure of the beam connecting rod is designed at the end of racking, whichmakes the whole racking become a mesh, and greatly improves the whole stabilityof racking;

3. The uniqueoverall bending type pallet guide with strong anti impact ability, it can solvethe damaged pallet problem after long-term using.

4. Anti fall devicewith activity type, that is the safety and aesthetics of the completelyeliminate the possibility of the shuttle plate accident;

5. The swathe typeof upright protector with anti - collision setting can make up for thedisadvantage of ordinary round tube without practical shortcomings and ensurethe safety of racking.
6.Three-dimensional rectangular forklift limited device solves the problem of instabilityof ordinary angle limited position. When the forklift operator operated theforklift, it ensure safe distance between fork and shuttle plate.

 NOVA autonomousshuttle car parts adopt to international famous brand, core battery usinglithium battery manufacturing most advanced South Korea's Samsung, one chargingcan run for more than 16 hours, at least 1500 times leading charging cycles, andsuper endurance takes any convenience for the actual operation.

Shuttle car usesthe safety wheels with WSE polyurethane, at the bottom of the skid proofdevice, the internal use of anti-collision glue bag flexible switch block, weregreatly enhance the car running safety time and comes with a self-helpfunction. Shuttle car reservation and docked with warehouse management system.At present, the new generation of shuttle car and the function is more perfect.

In order to improve space utilization rate and the degree of automation,you can used cluster shuttle system, namely cluster shuttle car system iscomposed of shuttle car, shuttle bus, walking track, racking, a verticallifting machine (or stacker), pallet conveyor system, automatic control system,management system and so on consisting of the intensive automatic warehousesystem.

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