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Methods for maintenance medium racking

Date:2015-07-27    【size:Big Middle Small

Because of its special character, heavyduty racking must have at least 1-2 times maintenance each year. Let meintroduce several simple maintenance methods for you:

1.      Inusing, we should put the heavy goods on the bottom of racking, and put thelight  goods on the top of the racking. Weshould store goods according to loading capacity, goods in each layer can’t exceedthe load range of the racking itself.

2.      Whenyou push the goods into warehouse, please be careful not to knock the racking thatleads to deformation. The important point is that it will be stable with usingthe bottom of “ Chuang” as racking.

3.      Theheight of racking once more than a certain height, it will have special loadingand unloading equipments, so the passage area must be bigger to support thedelivery of the goods shipped. Heavy duty racking can be suitable for all kindsof goods storage, but also in accordance with the size of goods, size to adjustthe height, but don’t adjust it frequently so that the screw may be loose.


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