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What’s we need to pay attention to the matter when using the heavy duty racking?

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Plslet me introduce some ways to using heavy duty racking:


1.       Preventtop – heavy: heavy goods in low level, light goods in high level.

2.      Preventover-loading: The weight of each layer shall not exceed the maximum load capacityof the racking.

3.      Preventover height and wide:  layer and widehave been restricted, the sizethe sizeshould be slightly less than the net space 100mm.

4.      Preventhitting Forklift should be carefulto load or unload goods.

5.      Ifthere are goods on the top of heavy duty racking, the operator should notdirectly enter into the bottom of the shelf.

6.      Don’tuse non-standard ground plate in heavy duty racking, the bottom of Chuang willbe the best. The height over 8 meters, it needs to have the correspondingloading and unloading machinery. Because the required channel area is large,the storage density is smaller than other systems.

7.      Thelevel of heavy duty racking can be adjustable, with different models of truckand stacker. Heavy duty racking can achieve the quick access of all kinds ofpallet, the maximum weight of each unit can be 2000Kg, it’s the most commonstorage way of the industry.

8.      Eachpallet can be stored separately or moved without moving the other pallet, and  can be adapted to various types of racking. Thebeam height can be adjusted according to the goods size. Cargo flow is large, theloading and unloading will be quick. The equipment is simple and the cost is thelowest, and can be installed and loaded quickly.



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