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Technological Innovation

Analysis different storage warehouse racking structure characteristics

Date:2015-07-27    【size:Big Middle Small

Generally speaking, light racking, mediumduty racking and heavy duty racking are the common warehouse storage rack. Thestructural features of the warehouse racking mainly have the following aspects:


Light Duty Racking: all-purpose anglesteel upright, cut-in composite structure usually with steel panel, easilyassembled, the height of each layer can be adjusted freely every 50mm pitch, assembling and dismantling are simpleand quick, loading and unloading by human beings. The loading capacity of eachlayer is no more than 200kg. Light duty shelving is mainly suitable for goodswith small size and light weight, and widely used in the electrical industrylightindustrysupermarket and theculture and education industry.


Medium DutyRacking: Structural feature: Cut-in composite structure, standard cut-in units;assembling and disassembling are simple and quick without using bolts and nuts;high strength closed steel panel with welded support bars; the height of theeach layer can be freely adjusted by 50cm; loading capacity of each layer canbe up to 400kg; the square model upright, widely used in many fields. 


Heavy Duty Racking: Structural feature:Cut-in composite step beam on which steel or wooden panels are assembled; theheight of each layer is easily to be adjusted by 50cm, the capacity of eachlevel is up to 800kg; the racking can be customized based on clients’requirements, compared with the NM1ANM1B,it is more suitable for storing metal components and widely used in themanufacturing industry.


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