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as/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment


Product Description

1. Racking
Structural feature: AS/RS System are usually equipped with pallet racking and drive-in racking, both of which are composite structure. Steel panels and wooden panels are available for loading with good capacity. Conveyors will do the loading and unloading job under the instruction from the central computer. AS/RS System is mainly used in the food, tobacco, electronic, mechanical and armament industry.
Model: NH heavy duty pallet racking

2. Stacker
Structural feature: Double upright structure, steady and reliable, vector frequency conversion drive and encoder position control, mechanical and electronic safety devices to ensure safe using of the system; All the way tracing technology by information transferring; Electric components are imported from abroad; Touching screen interface for easy operation; Making manual, semiautomatic, automatic and linkage control come true; Used in many situations by combining with other logistics equipment.

3. Conveying system
Structural feature: Conveying system is usually equipped in the front or back of warehouse for conveying goods here and there, bridging the procedures done by forklifts and stackers by using rolling conveyor or chain conveyor and combining with lifts, rotating devices and other equipments.

4. Controlling system
Structural feature: Communicating with WMS and ECS through OPC agreement, PROFIBUS bus network, set up by SIEMENS S7-300 controller can operate all conveyors offline, doing conveying of goods automatically.
Please refer to the attached drawing for details of conveying system

5. WMS System
Hardwares of WMS System: Star network structure, network sever, RF server, computers for management and monitor, RF base station and RF terminal for in/out warehouse of goods.

Softwares of WMS System:
Operating system: WINDOW 2000X SEVER
Data-base: MS SQL SEVER 2000X
Warehouse management software: WMS
Equipment controlling software: ECS
Bar code management software: RFS

4. Other related equipment
Other related equipment include switching cart, rail cart, O/R table, automatic guided vehicle, auto-picking system, electronic label, pallet lift and so on.
Model Loading Capacity (kg) Height Walking Speed Remark
DPL-0.1T 100 5-30m 160m/min Customized based on client's requirements
DPL-0.5T 500 160m/min
DPL-1T 1000 160m/min
DPL-2T 2000 120m/min
DPL-3T 3000 100m/min

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as/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipmentas/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

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as/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipmentas/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment


as/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipmentas/RS System Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

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