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1000kg Capacity Automated Steel Radio Shuttle Mover Racking

It is suitable for industries like food, Beverage, freezer, etc. Which is with high volume but low SKU operation, NOVA shuttle system and imported brands are optional.
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Product Description

1000kg Capacity Automated Steel Radio Shuttle Mover Racking

The Pallet Shuttle (AR Shuttle) is a high-density compact storage solution that uses powered shuttles to automatically carry loads into the rack. The pallet shuttles are remotely controlled by an operator. Hence, there is optimum use of storage space, and workplace accident rates are also reduced.

The working principle of Selective Metal Rack /Display Equipment Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking

Inventory: The goods are put on the front end of the storage tunnels by the forklift truck, through radio remote control shuttles, can carry pallets of goods in track operation;

PICK: radio remote control shuttle carries the pallet from the farthest end of the storage tunnel to the nearest end of the racking system, put down the pallet from the racking system by the forklift truck;

Mobile shuttle: The shuttle can be placed in different storage tunnels by the forklift, several storage tunnels can share a shuttle. The quantity of shuttle depends on the depth of the storage tunnel, total of goods, shipping quantity, shipment frequency, and other factors;

1. To maximize storage space
2. To make it more stable of conventional drive-through structure
3. To decrease operation costs
4. To enhance control accuracy

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