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  • Automated three-dimensional warehouse, is the emergence of new concepts in logistics and warehousing. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of the upper levels of the warehouse, access automation, operation simplicity


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  • The automated three-dimensional warehouse (AS/RS) is a complex automated system consisting of three-dimensional shelves, railed alleyway stacker cranes, in/out pallet conveyor system, size detection barcode reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, c


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  • The design of each automated warehouse is divided into several major stages, each stage has its objectives to achieve. Here is the content list:l the design of the preparatory work beforel the choice and planning of the warehouse the design of the preparatory work before1.


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  • Automatedwarehouse as a subject of modern logistics technology, obtained through the implementation of manufacturing, logistics technology. For the automated three-dimensional warehouse, the definition is that the use of multi-layer shelves to store goods,


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  • Automated warehouses are very widely used in China. Here is an overview Automated management improves the management level of the warehouse. Automated three-dimensional warehouse using computer information on goods for accurate information management,


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  • Drive in pallet racking uses lattice-type columns connected by way of side continuation of the multi-door type, pallet unitized goods along with the depth of the direction of one immediately after the other stored on the cantilever beam shelf structure form.


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  • Drive in pallet racking can be used for forklifts (or unmanned trucks with forks) to drive into the aisle to access goods and is suitable for storage of goods of small variety and large volume types. The following is an introduction to the accessories and usage of drive in pallet racking.


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  • Drive-in racking, also known as through racking, or pass-through racking, is one of the more widely used heavy-duty pallets in heavy-duty racking warehouse options. The warehouse racking design only requires a forklift turning lane at one end of the racking aisle. But if you want to achieve a first-


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  • There are many different types of selective pallet racking for different purposes, and many people are not very clear about their maintenance letters. In particular, selective pallet racking maintenance not only affects the service life of the racking but also relates to warehouse safety.


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  • Selective pallet racking system has high space utilization, flexible and convenient access, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system with computer management or control.


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