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ASRS for Explosion proof warehouse

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Rack height: 14.25m

Unit load: 1000kg / P

Total bullet location: 2912

Double depth explosion-proof stacker quantity: 4 sets

Product category: barrel paint / carton paint


Electrostatic spark Solution:

 For non-metallic parts, if the material proves that it can prevent static electricity, it is allowed to be used; if it cannot be proved, it needs to do conductivity test, if the conductivity cannot meet the standard, the material must do the process of improving the conductivity to meet the anti-static requirements;

 All non-metallic parts must be treated with anti-static coating on the surface and effectively grounded.


Arc spark Solution:

 All motors must be professional explosion-proof motors;

 All electrical cabinets must be professional explosion-proof products, all photoelectric switches must adopt professional explosion-proof serial models;

 it is strictly prohibited to use sliding contact line for mobile power supply, and it must use drag cable power supply mode;


Mechanical spark solution:

For metal components with relative movement, possibility of impact and friction in the explosion-proof warehouse area, special measures must be taken to eliminate mechanical sparks.

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