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Heavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking Supported


Product Description

DC Racking Structure:

DC Racking is a general name for all the racking system used in Distribution Center, including Pallet Racks, Mezzanine, Trolley, Shelving, etc.

1. A DC is built to store so many kinds of goods from different industries, and we have to equip related racking system to meet the needs;

2. Heavy duty racking to store Palletized goods combined with forklifts, stackers;

3. Mezzanine is the best option for a AUTO spare parts DC. The Mezzanine can be design as G+1, G+2, G+3 tiers, or more, on each tier, steel or wooden panels will be fixed for shelves so that users walk on the floor to pick up loose goods loading on panles;

4. Cartons or plastic bins are available to be put on panels to separate different types of accessories with marks;

5. Trolleys transport goods after unloading to the right locations when forklift is not suitable, say on Mezzanine tiers;

6. Non-standard Racks are also design by us supporting very heavy or special equipment, such as Auto Shell;
For more Racking system required for DC, Call us today, we will work together to customerzie for every of you on request.

DC Mezzanine Details:

A shelf with depth of more than 900mm can be divided by grids or back mesh to form back-to-back space, saving materials used and adding storage space;

1. Special locks are used to fix walkway and catwalk tightly.

2. The walkway has such advantages as good loading capacity, high precision, quite smooth walkway surface, and it's easy to be fixed.

3. The mezzanine is equipped with lighting system, easy for accessing and management of goods. Walkway surface can be customized to be smooth and accidented types and that with holes.

4. Loading of the shelving in mezzanine is normally less than 500kg per layer; Level height of mezzanine is between 2200 to 2700mm.

5. Height of shelving on top of mezzanine is around 2000mm, taking loading and unloading of goods into good consideration. Staircase, hydrauliclift table and lift are equipped, combined with forklifts, for moving goods from ground to floor panels.

6. Mezzanine is freely to design to be two-layer or three-layer based on the requirements from customers, taking full use of the storage space.

7. This kind of mezzanine is widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics, light industry and mechanics, etc.

Name of product Steel Mezzanine racking
Color powder coated color,blue,orange and other color
Main Parameters:
Dimension: customlized
Load capacity:customlized
Character: Simple structure/ Nice appearance/ No bolts, easy to install and uninstall/ Layer height can be freely adjusted each 50mm distance/Completely knockdown design, no tools requested for installation/ Steel or wooden panel is up to your option./Made from top quality cold rolled steel, and epoxy powder coated, with strong antirust function under high temperature process/ Rack bays can be connected horizontally or vertically, more stability and safety.
Factory item code Size(mm) Load capacity/sq
Steel Mezzanine rack Length Depth Height 300kgs
according to customers' according to customers' accordingtocustomers'
Technical process Roll form→oil cleaning→water rinse→rust cleaning→water rinse→phosphorization→static
Epoxy powder coated→solidification under high temperature→quality inspection→pack
Surface treatment Powder coated, oil sprayed, lacquer baking
Remark Your special design is available and welcome.

We are professional manufacturer of all types of Racking system since 1997, supply you with quality products at competitive prices. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends.
Thank you for your attention! If you have any concern or questions, kindly contact us at below Chat Window, we all help you out at the earliest.


Heavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking SupportedHeavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking Supported

Shipping and Package:

Heavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking SupportedHeavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking Supported

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Heavy Duty Steel Floor Mezzanine with Pallet Racking Supported
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