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NOVA Automated Warehouse Racks

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Automatic Racking System consisits of Racking System, Stacker System, Conveyor System, Management and Controling Ssystem. This system represents the most advanced automatical technology which is used in logistics industry. AS/RS is widely used in chemical industry,electronics industy, food industy, texitle industry,pharmacy industry,transportation industry,etc. NOVA has built hundreds of automated warehouses, among which AS/RS racking has always been NOVA's strong product with good quality and high precision, which have been widely verified.

Automation can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, and its storage capacity per unit area is much larger than that of an ordinary single-story warehouse (usually 4-7 times that of a single-story warehouse). At present, the world's tallest warehouse can reach more than 40 meters, with a capacity of up to 300,000 cargo spaces. Since all or most of the warehouse operations are mechanized and automated, on the one hand, they can greatly save manpower and reduce labor costs. On the other hand, they can greatly increase operational efficiency. However, at the same time, automated stereoscopic warehouses have their own difficulties and relatively complex solutions.


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