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What are the superior performances of the ASAR system?

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Automated three-dimensional warehouse, is the emergence of new concepts in logistics and warehousing. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of the upper levels of the warehouse, access automation, operation simplicity; the automated three-dimensional warehouse is the current higher level of technology form. The main body of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is by the shelves, aisle-type stacking cranes, into (out of) the warehouse workbench, and automatic transport into (out of) and operation control system. Shelves are steel or reinforced concrete structures of the building or structure, shelves are standard size cargo space, aisle stacking cranes through the aisle between the shelves to complete the work of storage and retrieval of goods. Computer and bar code technology is used for management. The advantages of the automated three-dimensional warehouse are multi-faceted, for the enterprise, can be reflected from the following aspects:


Improve space utilization

Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics system, improve the level of enterprise production management


Improve space utilization

Early stereo warehouse concept, the basic starting point is to improve space utilization, fully save the limited and valuable land. In some developed countries in the West, improving space utilization has a broader and deeper meaning, saving land, which has been linked to saving energy, environmental protection, and other more aspects. Some of them even treat the space utilization rate as an important index of system rationality and advanced assessment. The space utilization rate of the cubicle is closely related to its planning. Generally speaking, the space utilization rate of the automated high-bay warehouse is 2-5 times of the ordinary flat warehouse. This is quite considerable.


Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics systems, improve the level of enterprise production management

The traditional warehouse is only a place to store goods, save the goods is its only function, is a "static storage". Automated three-dimensional warehouse using advanced automated material handling equipment, not only can make the goods in the warehouse according to the need for automatic access, but also with the warehouse outside the production chain for organic connection, and through the computer management system and automated material handling equipment so that the warehouse has become an important part of the enterprise production logistics. Enterprise outsourcing and self-made production parts into the automated warehouse storage is a part of the entire production, short storage is to automatically output to the next process in the specified time for production, thus forming an automated logistics system, which is a "dynamic storage", but also the development of today's automated warehouse is an obvious technical trend.

The above-mentioned logistics system is a subsystem of the entire enterprise production management system (from ordering, necessary design, and planning, planning and production arrangements, manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping, etc.), and the establishment of a real-time connection between the logistics system and the enterprise system is another obvious technical trend in the development of automated high-bay warehouses.


The automated three-dimensional warehouse can form an advanced production chain, which promotes the progress of productivity. Professionals pointed out that because of the high access efficiency of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, it can effectively connect the production chain in the field of the warehouse, which can form an automated logistics system in storage, thus forming a planned and choreographed production chain, so that the production capacity has been significantly enhanced.

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