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What are the types of medium duty shelving?

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Medium duty shelving is a common type of industrial shelving, which is strong and sturdy and has a large load capacity. It can be divided into medium duty shelving A and medium duty shelving B. The following is an introduction to these two types of racking.

Medium duty shelving

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Medium duty shelving A

Medium duty shelving B

Medium duty shelving A

This kind of medium duty shelving mainly consists of columns, beams, pallets, and layer plates, which are used for manual access to goods, and the load-bearing capacity is usually 200KG-400KG/level, which can meet most of the requirements. The main components of medium duty shelving are cold plates and boards, which can be freely adjusted up and down according to the 50mm spacing, and the total height of the shelves usually does not exceed 2 meters for the convenience of operators to access the goods. It can be used alone or freely spliced into various arrangements.

It is characterized by easy installation, bolted connection, with the main and secondary connection forms, and possesses extreme stability. The top, bottom, frame connecting bars, column trays, chips, and inserts of medium duty shelving are fully fixed with pins for easy operation. The maximum load under the relative length of load-bearing strength is 300kg/tier. Laminate can be freely adjusted up and down by 50mm spacing. The surface of the shelf is rust removed and sprayed with plastic. The surface color can be chosen according to the customer's choice, and the shelves are beautiful and durable as a whole.

Medium duty shelving B

Medium duty shelving B is up to 3m, with an effective standard load of 500-800kg per layer, and is assembled by column, cross-beam, cross-span, diagonal brace, and self-locking bolt, which can effectively prevent the racking from being destabilized when the bolt is loosened. The cross-beam is made of a special cold-rolled P-type closed-ended beam, which is simple, reliable, lightweight, has a strong load-bearing capacity, and is low cost. The column card is connected with the column with a special design safety pin, which can ensure that the crossbeam will not fall off under the external force impact. The laminate adopts the internationally popular strip laminate. The thickness of the laminate and the number of reinforcement bars determine the load-bearing requirements. The strip laminate has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement, and low maintenance cost. Medium duty shelving B can be freely arranged in the form of main and sub shelves. The stability of medium duty shelving B can be used to build loft shelves. Medium duty shelving B is also suitable for manual access, or for loading scattered heavy goods with parts boxes and totes.

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