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What are the components of the ASAR system?

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The automated three-dimensional warehouse (AS/RS) is a complex automated system consisting of three-dimensional shelves, railed alleyway stacker cranes, in/out pallet conveyor system, size detection barcode reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment such as wire and cable bridges distribution cabinets, pallets, regulating platforms, steel structure platforms, etc. Using first-class integrated logistics concepts and advanced control, bus, communication, and information technology, it carries out inbound and outbound operations through the coordinated action of the above equipment.



Shelf construction



1、Shelf: Steel structures used to store goods. There are mainly two basic forms of welded shelves and combined shelves. It’s an important part of an automated three-dimensional warehouse.

2、Pallet (cargo box): used to carry goods apparatus, also known as work station apparatus.

3、Aisle stacker crane: the equipment used for automatic access to goods. According to the structure, form is divided into a single column and double column two basic forms; according to the service, the mode is divided into straight, curved, and transfer car three basic forms.

4, Conveyor system: the main peripheral equipment of the three-dimensional warehouse, responsible for transporting the goods to the stacker or from the stacker to remove the goods. Conveyor types are very many, common roller conveyor, chain conveyor, lifting table, distribution car, hoist, belt machine, etc.

5、AGV system : automatic guided trolley. According to its guiding method is divided into inductive guiding trolley and laser guiding trolley.

6、Automatic control system: automatic control system that drives each piece of equipment of the automated stereo warehouse system. To use field bus mode as the main control mode. It’s also an important part of an automated three-dimensional warehouse.


Shelf construction

It can be divided into unit cargo format, through type, horizontal rotation type, and vertical rotation type.

(1) Unit goods format warehouse: similar to the unit shelf type, the aisle takes up about one-third of the area.

(2) Through type: to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, you can eliminate the aisle located between the rows of shelves, the individual shelves together, so that each layer, the same column of goods through each other, forming a channel that can store multiple units of goods at a time, and at the other end by the outgoing crane to pick up the goods, becoming a through type warehouse. It is suitable for automated three-dimensional warehouses where the variety of goods is not too many and the quantity is relatively large.

(3) Horizontal rotating warehouse shelves: this type of warehouse itself can run back and forth along a circular route in the horizontal plane. Each group of shelves consists of several independent cabinets, with a chain conveyor to these cabinets in series. Each container has support rollers underneath and guides rollers on top. When the conveyor is running, the containers move accordingly. This type of automated three-dimensional warehouse is suitable for applications that do not require high operating frequency

(4) Vertical rotating shelf warehouse: similar to the horizontal rotating shelf warehouse, but the rotation in the horizontal plane is changed to the rotation in the vertical plane. This kind of shelf is especially suitable for storing long rolls of goods, such as carpets, floor leather, film rolls, cable rolls, etc.


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